Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Sunday

Easter began in church with a service called the Easter Vigil when between the hours of sunset and sunrise the Easter Candle is lite and light is spread throughout the church, which at that time is in complete darkness.
I attended this service last night but there was also a service at 5.30 am this morning, for those who don't need so much sleep as I do!

I made these Easter Cards using Martha's button lamb pattern. I have used this pattern so many times and so if they were all put together there would be a flock of tatted sheep!

It is also a tradition in many churches to have an Easter Garden. This one was made with the help of the pre-school children who came into church last week and we had a little service together. The crosses are a little obscured by the foliage! But the children had so much fun in helping me make it.

Now for my Easter Egg given to me by the Vicar who is on a three months Study Leave or Sabbatical. I just thought it fitted so well with the title of my blog . Divine Milk Chocolate Egg
"Heavenly Chocolate with a heart"

I hope everyone is having a Very Happy Easter
and looking forward to Spring


  1. Darn it - wish you lived closer and then you could SHARE your Easter egg!!!

  2. What a lovely sheep! Thank you for telling us about the services in your church, so many different traditions there are!

  3. Happy Easter, Sally! That tatted sheep is adorable and the garden is lovely. Enjoy that chocolate egg!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. Happy Easter! I love the tatted sheep =)

  5. Happy Easter, Sally! That card is not baaaaad!
    Very sweet.
    Fox : )

  6. Love the egg, love the sheep, love the card;
    one to keep!

    Glad you had a blessed Easter. Easter and children are priceless! I had a beginner's class for about four years…they came in at 3 years and left at 5. I was able to watch them grow in their knowledge of Jesus.

    hugs, bj

    DH bought me an egg in Tucson and a card; somehow he surprised me~

  7. That's a very cute sheep! Happy Easter, Sally.

  8. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

    I forgot all about this little lamb. I made a lot of them last year. Guess I'm a little late now. Guess I could get a jump on next year. Your card with the lamb is such a cute idea!!


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