Wednesday 28 April 2010

The point about it is!

Here are some much better photographs of the post shuttles that are being made by my resident shuttle maker.

It was obvious that a design of some sort needed to be put on the shuttles to take away the plainness of them, although of course the wood is beautiful without embellishments, but tatters need to have distinctive shuttles. Not being that artistic and also not having the time to try painting on them, it was decided to use transfers as a way of decoration. The trouble is that proper transfers are not easy to find, we managed to locate a supplier but with limited designs that would fit the shuttles. So if anyone out there knows where we can purchase suitable transfers please let me know.

Now in the past I have done a little of decoupage but again to try this on a very small items requires precision and also the material has to be very thin and have no borders, that is where transfers are ideal. Thank you to Decoromana for suggesting napkins, that really frightened me! They are so thin and would, well if I tried, wrinkle and wrinkle badly!

When Krystle isn't "dancing around the room" at the thought of post shuttles, she showed me a picture of a shuttle with a point on and Tatskool also made a similar suggestion of a shuttle with a point. What is it with tatters, why are they so so different when it comes to the shuttles they like to use?!

So I locked "I'm in the garage" in the garage and said "don't come out until you have produced a shuttle with a point on!" And this is the result. Sorry about the quality of the pictures - but you should get the point!

I have never used a post shuttle with a point on like this so have no idea if this is the standard required, I need someone, not too far away to test it.
(the title of this post is a family joke - sorry!!)


  1. Well done, Sally - good idea to lock him in the garage. Please let him out from time to time, though as he'll need feeding and watering!!!!

  2. Very nice. Pyrography would make a great decoration, if done with delicacy.

    Another lovely word verification for IsDihara...grentat!

  3. Thanks Tatskool - I have actually tried pyrography and you will be seeing the result very soon on someone elses blog!

  4. Pretty shuttles )
    what a good idea -- with transfers!

  5. These are quite lovely! I'm all about a post shuttle with a point - I'm addicted to my Clover and Lacis ones!

    Tell 'im in the garage he does good work.

    FYI - try these - not sure if they are exactly what you are looking for

  6. Great! I am too far away to test one for you, though I'd love to, since my first shuttles were Clovers.
    Fox : )

  7. I get the point! LOL "Im in the garage" is a fount of artistic talent!
    I'm wondering how long he is on patience, considering the varied and many demands of tatters. LOL
    The new offerings just look lovely. You know, however, that I am the wood purist of the tatting world. I love wood in its natural state…
    I have two shuttles made by a friend of mine in West Virginia; and, she suggested I paint something on them….but I just love the pattern in the wood and can't bear to DO something to it!
    I guess I will always swim against the tide….hugs, BJ, Feargal, Ms Scarlett, and Donnacha

  8. Ok, I'm dancing around the room even MORE now!

  9. Hi Sally,

    What about the fingernail decals. They may be too small but I use it to label my clover shuttles. I love shuttles with points.

  10. i like what i'm seeing, sally. the shuttles are gorgeous! the bird series transfers sure add a pretty special touch to the post shuttles.

    aside to jane: hey i'm looking out for another to collect... :p

  11. I don't know where to get the transfers, and I love all the birds, but if you EVER find a bluebird, I want it!

  12. Thanks Crazy Mom but the rub on ones are difficult to handle because the shuttles slope! Ah Bev you are so right you can't beat the natural wood look, but how are we ever going to please all these tatters?!!!! Patience holding out at the moment!
    Now there is a thought uminsuru finger nail decals - thanks
    The transfers are British birds, no Bluebirds in this area, sorry Happy Bluebird, but will keep you in mind if I ever see one.
    Noted Val!!!
    Thanks TypsTatting
    Krystle - still dancing!!!!

  13. Sorry Lenhen and Fox forgot to thank you both


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