Friday 2 April 2010

Good Friday

It is Good Friday and so it seems appropriate that there is a cross on today's post. This is a Celtic cross designed by Jane. Once again I combined two different coloured and size of threads to make it.

Continuing from my previous post to talk about the elements that make up the Pop-A-Bobbin shuttle. Today I will tell you about the...................

The little plug which is fitted in the centre of the bobbin and holds it in place through the shuttle, is made to match the wood of the shuttle and so a piece of wood is cut and then put through this clever little piece of equipment to make the right size. Can't tell you which of these holes it goes through without measuring it, but you can probably guess!

The popper tool (please look on the right of this blog, it is in the centre of my profile picture) is a piece of doweling rod shaped at one end so that the plug can be pushed out and it has a bead in the middle with the other end to wind the bobbin. This tool, along with the whole of the shuttle design was the invention of "I'm in the Garage". We had at tin of wooden beads from an old car seat, the ones that are supposed to help those who have back trouble. Someone gave us the beads many years ago and we have used quite a few on various projects but they came into their own again with the latest shuttle making. Of course we needed more as the weeks have gone by and have managed to buy packets of beads (not car seats!) off e.bay.

With regard to the bobbins, sadly my supplier is still trying to source them, so I may have to go back to America and buy some more and risk the customs duty! Because of this orders are not being fulfilled as quickly as we would like.

With regard to those who have been asking about post shuttles, well these are at the moment in the process of being made and I hope to show you one within the next week. Again they will need testing, so don't expect them too soon!


  1. Interesting to see what 'im in the garage uses to make the shuttles. I'm SO pleased with my two.

  2. Happy Easter, Sally - He is risen!

  3. sally, I may have some wood that "in the garage" might be interested in. bars of either mahogany or rosewood that someone just left in our woodpile. If it is something you guys might be able to use, send me an email at krystledawne at gmail dot com and I will send pictures.

  4. Need someone to test any pending post shuttles? I'm available!
    Fox : ))

  5. Very appropriate Cross for Good Friday. I love Good Friday, it's always such a peaceful day! I wish I could send you some lumps of wood too, I've been hanging onto some very old - as in pre-war - pieces of teak and mahogany which I found when I was clearing out my father's workshop after he died, many years ago. Can't bring myself to throw them away! Real Burmese teak, from his days in Malaya - very special to me. But postage would not be feasible.

  6. He is Risen! Happy Easter Sally!
    hugs, Bev

  7. What a beautiful cross, and very appropriate to have a cross on one's blog on Good Friday (I had one too). Happy Easter!

  8. Thanks for the offer Fox!
    Maureen, that sounds like very precious wood that you must keep.
    Thanks for your greetings Crazy Mum, Bev and Corina

  9. I've been searching to figure out how to buy a Pop-a-bobbin shuttle. Everyone keeps saying they get them from your site, but WHERE? How much are they? I know they are backordered, but I'm patient.

  10. Hi Shawna, as everything in life,its not that simple! My husband makes them and my sister sells them - so if you go over to her site you will see the prices then just e.mail and we will put you on the list. Thanks for the interest

  11. thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comments.. i also like yours, your works are beautifull.. im still learning and improving my tatting.. and congratulations for the shuttles you make, they look great!!


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