Thursday 15 April 2010

Button Necklaces

Tomorrow will mark a year since my first post. I originally started this blog because my big sister Jane kept saying you must do it! I always listen to her so thought if I did she would shut up, but she hasn’t!

Seriously though, in the last year I have actually done more tatting than in all the previous five years put together. The reason for this is that seeing what everyone else is working on has encouraged me and also I’ve tried new things myself and shared them with others. The great thing is that with blogging you don’t feel so alone with your craft, there is always someone out there looking in. So thanks for all your encouraging and enabling comments, and I’m looking forward to my second year.

Of course the introduction of the “Pop-A-bobbin” shuttle has also been exciting and there is more excitement to come. In my next post I intend to show you the post shuttles which “I’m in the garage” has been making. We have also been able to overcome some of the problems with the shuttle making, for example the bobbins have now been sourced and a large order will soon be “bobbing” its way to this part of the world!

I have always wanted to make a necklace using buttons and beads so took the plunge and made these. Now I plan to make more, when time permits! Also I have friends who want them so it looks as though I am going to be kept busy for awhile.

They are made in Coats 20 cotton, the brown necklace was my first attempt. The turquoise necklace my second in which I used slightly larger buttons when I got to the middle.
When I eventually manage to purchase some Lizbeth multi-coloured cotton I intend to make one using different coloured buttons.


  1. I often say that if it hadn't been for the internet, I'm not sure I would have pursued tatting further than simple edgings. I love being inspired by others and you have been a welcome addition to the tatting community, be sure of it!

  2. Very, very pretty. I think I'll have the blue one, please!!! Just joking, honest!!!

  3. these r fabulous plunges! the necklaces r absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I'm very glad that you started your blog, Sally, because I have had a lot of pleasure from reading it and seeing the pictures! I agree with Gina about the fact that the internet seems to provide impetus to tat more.I have to be honest and say that my family really remains quite underwhelmed about my tatting, and would far prefer me to keep up the knitting! - so it's good to have other people to share it with and to encourage me.
    I love both your necklaces, but the brown is my favourite!

  5. Happy blog-iversary, a day early! I remember your first day of blogging. Can it be a whole year already?

    Your necklaces are so pretty! Keep up the great work.

  6. The necklaces are really lovely!!!!

  7. Happy blogaversary! Tatting talent runs in your family! Your necklaces are gorgeous. I don't think I would have tatted as much if not for the internet. I wouldn't have 'meet' all the great tatters that I have who are willing to help no matter were they live! Yeah for all!

  8. Happy Blog-aversary!! I'm glad you started blogging also. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing all the lovely tatting you have been doing is a bonus!

    The necklaces are very pretty! Your friends will be very pleased with them.

    Glad to hear that you worked out some of the issues with the shuttles. I can't wait to get mine. And more exciting news.... post shuttles are next. Looking forward to seeing what they look like. Have a great weekend!

  9. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, so pleased to have met you via the internet. I blame Jane for that!!!!
    Oh yes I am so excited about the post shuttles too, even I might go back to them after handling these little beauties!!!

  10. This is sooooo wonderful Sally!!!

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    The necklaces are very pretty....and a belated happy blog-aversary.

  12. Your necklaces are wonderful.
    Happy blog-aversary.

  13. I LOVE the necklaces…blue is a fav.
    I, for one of many, am very glad that you began to blog. I enjoy the histories and the traditions of the church year ~ as you know.
    Most of all I'm glad to have come to know you through virtual space…I'm one of those 'lone' tatters and the community means a great deal to me!
    hugs and prayers Bev

  14. Thanks Sunela, Vinnie and Carla.
    Thanks Bev - thats so kind of you. Wow what would we do without the internet?! I'm always telling people they should use a computer and get on the internet and that it will open up new horizons. I think the tatting community is great.

  15. Wonderful necklaces! Really pretty. A congratulations to "I'm in the Garage". The shuttles look terrific.
    As for your first blogging year, I heartily agree with Bev, as I too am a loner out here in Tat-Land; I love reading your posts. Congrats!
    Fox : )

  16. YOur button necklaces look wonderful! I especially like the blue one. What is the news about the pop a bobbin tatting shuttles. When will there be more of them to buy?

  17. Thanks Fox
    Sherry - we are awaiting a consignment of bobbins which have probably been held up with the volcanic dust which closed airports in the UK.


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